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@Chrissy sounds good, I’ll probably start it tonight, waiting for my tablet to charge.

Packing = no fun

BTW, I’m not IMMEDIATELY making Em a plotter because we need to get her and Jack squared away and in Chicago- but after that I will. That said if someone has an idea, feel free to shoot me a message.

Bobby’s going to try to heal Jack. It probably won’t work as he’d hope. Also that much strain tends to make him sick which is fun.


good news is that if jack and dominic come to blows, jack can’t affect dominic if he goes into his super mode

Bobby loves all of team “Get Bobby out of jail.”


well damn there go my jem feelings

Welcome to my life.

If I was more inclined to let Bobby go evil instead of just a little ambiguous and a mentally unhinged, and RTD were a movie, Bobby would probably be Dom’s own personal baddie and the fandom would cry over their friendship.


Heyyy Marissa, I’m going to start Bobby/Dom, okay?






no but Brooke in the Selection accidentally swearing on national television think about it.

best princess ever

meanwhile boy’s off to the side trying not to fucking die laughing it’s perfect


#we’re skimming right on over the angst right. no??
why would we.

sorry I was mistaken.

okay, bring on the class differences, threat of terrorist attacks and, y’know him being forced to dating multiple girls at once.